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"Dear Dana,  This information is invaluable!  I feel so inspired and encouraged by all of your tips and helpful hints.  Thank you for taking time to put your wisdom, knowledge, experience and expertise into writing!  You are not only helping me to train up my child, you are in essence helping to train up homeschool parents to be the best they can be!!!!!  Thank you so much!  I am so blessed by you all and your wealth of knowledge and information!  The richest of blessings to you all!"    ~Jennifer

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Stress Less.

Learn simple ways to balance it all and homeschool with peace and joy.

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Win your kids' hearts.

Change from grumpy taskmaster to your kids' greatest cheerleader.

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Make learning stick.

Homeschooling  and teaching tips backed by brain research.

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About the Author

When I started homeschooling, I was totally in over my head.  I struggled with running the household and putting in the time that homeschooling required.  Let alone having time to learn how to bring my kids' education to life.  And when did I get so CRANKY?!


It was time for me to prioritize and focus on what was most important and simplify the rest.


Once this was done and I had the bandwidth to make  homeschooling a bigger priority, I studied learning research to see how children learned best. And I discovered that using those learning methods not only made learning stick for my kids, they'll do the same for yours. 


I can't wait to meet you!


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